She was a beautiful, young Irish maid, working in a wealthy English household. Her employer’s oldest son fell in love with her. When he announced intentions to marry her, his parents said they would disown him. He married her anyway. Then, bride and groom ran away to live happily ever after. “Her name was Mary Cordial,” my maternal grandmother Marilyn Matilda Dietz told me, that distinct glimmer of pleasure in her eyes—the one she always had when she retold this story. “And you are her legacy.”

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Please Vote for "Ladies in Waiting"

This admittedly has little to do with genealogy, but as I do have a "witch" in my family tree, I'll post it under the banner of peripherally-related items. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I found a Facebook contest run by Gaelsong, which asked entrants to write a 500-word maximum flash fiction piece based on the following photograph...

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My humble entry, "Ladies in Waiting," appears here: I would appreciate it if you would click the link and then click the vote button on the upper left side of the story.

Some interesting facts about the names in the tale: Adaryn means "bird," Aveline means "little bird" and Turlough means "one who aids or rescues." All of these meanings are significant.

Feel free to post comments here or beneath the story on the story page. I love hearing from readers and answering questions, if there are any.

Voting takes place until Halloween. Thanks in advance for your vote!