She was a beautiful, young Irish maid, working in a wealthy English household. Her employer’s oldest son fell in love with her. When he announced intentions to marry her, his parents said they would disown him. He married her anyway. Then, bride and groom ran away to live happily ever after. “Her name was Mary Cordial,” my maternal grandmother Marilyn Matilda Dietz told me, that distinct glimmer of pleasure in her eyes—the one she always had when she retold this story. “And you are her legacy.”

This blog is a resource for those who want to--have to--find out more about who they came from.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fun with DNA

There's a decidedly scripted feel to this, which people attacked in YouTube's comments section, yet the sense of wonder felt upon discovering what one really is versus what one thought they were based on family lore is genuine. I haven't wrote about the results of my own autosomal DNA results as of yet, but I will... someday.